GiD provides strong IDs for all Named Entities and serves as the DNS of things

Maximize the value of your data and minimize data friction by using strong reference IDs to create data which is linked and easily shareable by design.

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Simple idea - Global impact

Global iDentifier starts with the simple idea that data will be better connected and easily shareable - by design - if the IDs used to reference Named Entities are the same in all participating systems rather than proprietary and custom created in each one.

Unique IDs for all Named Entities

Global iDentifiers (GID) are both UUID and URI based and they cover all Named Entities.

Bridges multiple standards

GID always contains references to available standards thus bridging multiple standards covering the same Named Entities.

Universal reference IDs

Global iDentifiers are strong, long lived and language agnostic.

Fast & accurate

Global iDentifier offers ultra fast lookup API and can match fuzzy input to correct entities, based on context, for Advanced Named Entity Resolution and Disambiguation (NERD).

Truly linked

GID enabled data is "born linked" as GIDs include a graph of references pointing to the same Named Entity which can be used to fetch contextual data from various sources.

Named Entities

"In information extraction, a named entity is a real-world object, such as persons, locations, organizations, products, etc., that can be denoted with a proper name. It can be abstract or have a physical existence. Examples of named entities include Barack Obama, New York City, Volkswagen Golf, or anything else that can be named. Named entities can simply be viewed as entity instances (e.g., NY City is an instance of a city)"


Pervasive problems

GID helps solve some of data-processing’s most pervasive problems for those willing to adopt global IDs. These problems are traceable to disconnected data, bad data references, and various quality issues. Currently these problems either prohibit effective data sharing or demand highly redundant and expensive data cleanup or refinement work.

Bad Data Costs the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year.

Maximize data worth
Minimize data friction
True interoperability

Data becomes smart when linked to the contextual information relevant for its processing in order to attain most valuable insights from it. Data refinement, cleanup and linking all benefit greatly from using Global iDentifiers as strong, universal, reference IDs.

How Open Data is discovered has improved immensely and data conformity is improving as well. With strong, global, reference IDs we can expect data to flow effortlessly between systems offering true data interoperability.

Full context - Maximum value

GID enabled data is "born linked" and getting contextual information for it is a lot less time consuming.

Eliminate waste

Enormous effort goes into cleaning data every year which could be reduced radically if strong entity/object references were used.

The missing puzzle of frictionless data

The ability to use normalize and explicit object references is the missing puzzle for frictionless data and the key to simple re-use.

Nothing gets lost in translation

Data travels perfectly between systems and reference IDs hold there meaning perfectly even in the case of a partial data loss.

On the shoulders of giants

The Global iDentifier Directory was seeded with open information from standard authorities, premium data providers and comprehensive open data sources, like Wikidata, DBPedia, OpenStreetMap, GeoNames and more, where enormous effort has been put into identifying, cataloging, documenting and cross referencing Named Entities.

Seeded with quality data

Global iDentifier is seeded with wast amounts of open data where a dedicated group professionals have cleaned and normalized data which seeds the GID directory.

Growing rapidly

The Global iDentifier directory is growing rapidly as Domain Authorities become root sources of reliable Named Entity information.

Advanced ambiguity and collision detection with issue resolution

We refine and prune data automatically to prevent duplications but we also deal with imperfect data in a fault tolerant way.

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Getting the 5th star for free

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web and Linked Data initiator, suggested a 5-star deployment scheme for Open Data.

By using Global iDentifiers your data automatically becomes linked, not only to a source but also to a full reference graph which can grow and improve, independently from your data, over time.

GIDs are available as UUID/GUID for convenient storage and as URIs to conform with Semantic Webs best practices.

  • 1st Star

    Available on the web (whatever format) but with an open licence, to be Open Data

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  • 2nd Star

    Available as machine-readable structured data (e.g. excel instead of image scan of a table).

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  • 3rd Star

    as (2) plus non-proprietary format (e.g. CSV instead of excel)

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  • 4th Star

    All the above plus, Use open standards from W3C (RDF and SPARQL) to identify things, so that people can point at your stuff.

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  • 5th Star

    All the above, plus: Link your data to other people’s data to provide context.

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  • Developers

    Integration options

    • - Use our fast REST or GraphQL API for lookup.
    • - Download a full or partial data dump.
    • - Run a local proxy service which acts like a database table.

    Practical information

    • - GIDs are deterministic UUIDv5 but are also available as URIs
    • - The detail level for the External references graph can be set.
    • - Account creation only requires a verified email address.
  • Data Scientists

    Increased productivity
    and even more valuable insights

    Use Global Identifier as entity references and link contextual information effortlessly into your projects, eliminating much of data refinement and cleanup.

    Full migration of legacy data to GID, making it fully linked, may be a considerable and collaborative effort but our tools help you reap the benefits even with dirty, legacy, data.

  • Domain Authority

    We are looking for partners

    We are looking for companies and organization owning for reliable - domain specific - data.


    • - Named Entities will always be linked to you as a source
    • - Inbound traffic could be considered marketing cost.
    • - No valuable information is contribute other than basic, searchable, properties.

    Minimum Data Requirements

    • - Your local ID and/or URI
    • - Labels in all language.
    • - Core classification information.
    • - All available references to other sources.
    • - No additional details are required.
  • Organizations

    We are looking for strategic partners

    We are looking for companies and organization willing to adopt Global iDentifiers, collaborate with us and become strategic partners.


    • - Free of charge & free lifetime access to GiD
    • - Consulting on linked-data and future proof data strategies.


    • - Adoption commitment
    • - Dedicated resources during the adoption period.
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Early adopter program

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Global iDentifier pricing

We have yet to determine prices for API based usage but our pricing strategy is fair and simple. We will publish prices after our Early Adopter program ends.



0 Free for moderate/fair use

  • Throttled access
  • Usage logs & analytics
  • Complete data dumps
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$ Will be modestly priced to cover cost only.

  • All from Free
  • Unlimited request count/rate
  • Custom data dumps
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$$ Will be fairly priced to cover cost +20%

  • All from Premium
  • Support & Integration Planning
  • Streaming Updates & Local Proxy
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About us and our promises


Global iDentifier is owned and operated by GILD - Global Institute of Linked Data - which is a non-profit organization dedicate to maximizing the value of data and minimizing the friction involved in its discovery and use.

Partnerships & collaboration

Making Global iDentifiers become commonly used requires a global effort. We appreciate all collaboration, partnering and publication opportunities to make that happen.

Please contact us

Open source & open data

All software and data used to provide the Global iDentifier service will be open and will use Apache 2 and Creative Commons licenses respectively.

Immutable, yet fault tolerant

A GID will always exist and it will always point to the same Named Entity and fault tolerance towards ambiguity and redundancy is built in.

No personal information

Products, places, public personas and plethora of practical pieces but no private or personal properties.

Reference quality & dynamically linked data

Each Named Entitiy stored in GID will contain as good reference links to outside information as possible.

Lasting impact on the data world

We want to make a lasting impact on the data world by making data better by design and help eliminate the costly data cleanup and friction associated with data transport and re-use.